El programa online de 6 semanas exclusivo para fundadores de start-ups a nivel mundial.

Tendrás acceso una red de trabajo formada por inversores y expertos, retroalimentación y posibilidad de obtener financiación.

El programa empieza el 1 de marzo.
¡Regístrate antes del 28 de febrero y prepárate para despegar!

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The Pillars

oofice hours graphic image
Office hours

Attend to weekly live Q&As with successful startup founders, and investors of your country

funding graphic image

Take part in weekly online sessions covering 6 topics that are most valuable to an early-stage tech startup founder

community graphic image

Interact with the European Startup Universe community in the forum

educational material graphic image
Educational content

Receive a weekly curated list with educational content & resources

1-on-1 graphic image
1-on-1 online meetings

Get access to 1-on-1 online meetings with EU fundraising experts, corporates, lawyers, and accountants

offers & discounts graphic image

Use discounted or even free services, products and other limited offers

Meet our organizer

Juan Perez Torralbo - Spain
Juan Perez Torralbo - Spain
Innovation Management and Startup advisor / Data & Innovation / Proud co-founder of Jacobo and Ejecant

Personal quote:
We need a more connected european startup ecosystem, and more mutual awareness and connection also between the different national startup ecosystems inside Europe. That's why European Startup Universe is going to boost the startups of many entrepreneurs through Europe and each participant country.

€200+M in funding opportunities if you are looking for funding.

Angel investors

Complete 7/8 progress reports to access Spanish-origin angel investors looking to fund startups in your industry

Who is this for? Startups in very early stages
Total money to be invested: €300K
Angels invest through Equity 7-9%, convertible note

VCs, Angel funds & family offices

If you complete 7/8 progress reports and you are a startup with product & revenues looking for additional funding we can connect you with Spanish-origin angel funds, family offices & VCs in our network.

Who is this for? Startups in pre-seed or seed stage
Total money to be invested: €200M
VCs, Angel funds & family offices invest through Equity (depends on maturity)

Meet our speakers and experts.

Tirso Garcia profile photo
Tirso Garcia

Founder & CMO of iGERENT

Ingrid Astiz Jensen profile photo
Ingrid Astiz Jensen

Co-Founder of Wise Work

Yiran Chen profile photo
Yiran Chen

Business ecosystem strategy design

Juan Duque profile photo
Juan Duque

Co-founder Amics Digitals

Daniel Bustamante profile photo
Daniel Bustamante

Ceo & Cmo of FiStores

Jorge Barriobero profile photo
Jorge Barriobero

Co-founder & CPO of Tiempo Relativo

Pablo Varela profile photo
Pablo Varela

Co-Founder & CEO of TiempoRelativo

Jorge Araluce profile photo
Jorge Araluce

Senior Sales & Marketing professional

Cristina Luca de Tena profile photo
Cristina Luca de Tena

Entrepreneur | Marketer | CEO en Getlinko

David Moreira profile photo
David Moreira

Entrepreneur & business executive

Luigi Spina profile photo
Luigi Spina

Startup and Small Business Consultant

Julian Torres profile photo
Julian Torres

Co-Founder de Wise Work

Asier Arranz profile photo
Asier Arranz

Developer Marketing Manager at NVIDIA

Rubén Marin profile photo
Rubén Marin

Co-Founder en ETURGO

Rubén Marin profile photo
Ander López Delgado

Entrepreneurship Manager at Basque Culinary Cente

Rubén Marin profile photo
César de la Torre


Rubén Marin profile photo
Julián Torres

Co-Founder at ontop (YCW21) | Co-Founder at fitpal | Author | Speaker

Rubén Marin profile photo
Fabiana Palacio

Translator Manager | Globalization for business | Digital Marketing

Rubén Marin profile photo
Jose Burgos

HR Freak | Founder @ Fresh People | Building High Performance Teams | People & Culture

Rubén Marin profile photo
Eduard garcia

CRM & Marketing Automation

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Meet our team.

Juan Perez Torralbo - Spain
Juan Perez Torralbo - Spain
Juan Perez Torralbo - Spain
Noemí Sainz de la Maza Ortiz - Spain
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